NAVCA is the only national membership body for local voluntary sector support and development organisations in England.  Between them, nearly 200 NAVCA members support over 145,000 local charities and voluntary groups across England.

Six things you should know about NAVCA members

What they do


NAVCA's core members are the local sector support and development organisations of England.  

They work with the local charities and voluntary sector organisations in their local area - helping them to function effectively, manage risks, get skills, access funding and have a voice at local level.

As a result they have a unique role to play in supporting a thriving, place based voluntary sector with all the recognised benefits that brings to local communities.

Who they support


Between them, NAVCA members support over 145,000 small local charities and voluntary groups in England.

Whether it's a mental health group, a local animal charity, a community choir or an organisation tackling issues of inequality and inclusion, these organisations are the lifeblood of every local community.

NAVCA members play a unique and essential role helping them and supporting their development.

Where they are


Our members are all rooted firmly in their local communities and have a deep sense of place.  

Six out of ten NAVCA members work across largely urban areas, but a substantial proportion cover predominantly rural areas.  

And whilst some work in a single town or city, others cover large counties or are regional collaborations.

Whatever their context, NAVCA members know their local communities intimately, understand the issues local people face, and have deep insight into the solutions that will work in their particular place.

How they help


Our members, on average, support the establishment of two new charities or voluntary organisations every month.  

Just as for a new business the right support in the early days can mean the difference between success or disaster, having the professional, knowledgeable support of a NAVCA member makes sure a new charity or voluntary group does the best possible job for its beneficiaries - and manages its legal and financial responsibilities properly - right from the start.

Why they matter


In the past year nine out of ten NAVCA members have provided support to local charities and voluntary groups in crisis. The top four issues reported have been loss of funding or contracts; governance; financial planning; and leadership.  

When a small local charity or voluntary group runs into trouble, the experienced support of a NAVCA member can help them navigate the legal, ethical, financial and emotional challenges effectively, for the benefit of their beneficiaries and their funders.

How they make a difference


By convening, collating and representing the richly diverse views of the local voluntary sector, NAVCA members give the multitude of micro charities and voluntary organisations in their community a voice in local matters. 

They ensure that the views of of the sector is heard when decisions are made that affect local communities and particular groups of people.  

And they help local authorities, health organisations and other statutory partners communicate effectively with their local communities.

Looking for help for your local charity or voluntary group? Find a NAVCA member near you.

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Get involved


NAVCA membership puts you at the heart of local social action. 

We are the only national body dedicated to representing local voluntary sector support and development organisations, and our members receive the specialist support and perspective that this unique position grants us. 

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