What we do


We support local social action

We are the only national membership body specifically for local sector support and development organisations (also known as local infrastructure) in England.  Alongside our members, we are part of the movement for local social action.

Our members support over 145,000 local charities and voluntary groups across the country, helping them to thrive and deliver essential services within their communities. 

Through NAVCA, our members share knowledge, experience and best practice. We provide spaces, face-to-face and online, for them and our team to network and learn.

NAVCA works to give our members a credible, influential voice in key national forums. We ensure that their views, opinions and concerns are heard. We also ensure that the value and contribution of local infrastructure is fed in to policy makers and decision takers.

We bring our members together

We regularly host member forums and roundtables on a wide range of topics, on everything from their views on proposed government policy to the essential role our members play in a local emergency or crisis incident. Our AGM is another opportunity for our members to come together.

Every year, we host an annual conference where over 100 representatives of local sector support and development organisations gather to hear insightful and challenging speakers, share their views and opinions, ask questions and network with their friends and colleagues from the NAVCA family. 

We share insight, knowledge and intelligence

We regularly share sector-specific research and intelligence, drawn from our own data and analysis, that of our members or from other relevant sources.

We provide sector-specific briefings on national policy developments and proposals.

The NAVCA 'hivemind' is a rich and relevant source of knowledge, guidance and advice for any member looking for the answer to a tricky question or a view from their colleagues on a particular topic. 

We give our members a voice

We are uniquely able to give a voice to the community of local sector support and development organisations in England.  

By consulting directly with our members on key issues - and responding to the concerns they have - we are able to speak with credibility and assurance, representing  the specific views of the local voluntary sector to government at national and regional level.

We tell the story of local sector support and development

Our members do a fantastic job of supporting the vitally important local voluntary sector within their communities.  Most of the time they are so busy doing that work, they don't have time or capacity to blow their own trumpets.

We are proud to share their stories, and to demonstrate every day just why they are so important to the success of a thriving, healthy, local voluntary sector.

Local infrastructure makes so much possible.