NAVCA Quality Award


The NAVCA Performance Standards and Quality Award is a set of outcome-based quality standards for NAVCA members delivering support and services to local voluntary organisations and community groups.

Our members use the NAVCA Standards to provide shape and direction for their work. They are unique in that no other quality mark provider assesses performance provided by local sector support and development organisations.

The Standards reflect the essential functions of a local support and development organisation and help them to demonstrate how the services they provide make a real difference to their local voluntary and community sector. 

The outcome of a successful audit can be shared with local commissioners, elected members, public bodies, local MPs and other significant stakeholders as a real demonstration of the organisation's ability to make a difference in their community. 

Organisations who have gained the NAVCA Quality Award have found that not only does it help them to improve the delivery of services but the process also helps to strengthen the organisation, increasing its credibility with partners because of its visible commitment to quality.

Only NAVCA Core and CorePLUS members are eligible for the NAVCA Quality Award.

If you would like to find out more about the NAVCA Performance Standards and Quality Award, please contact Anna Pashley, NAVCA Membership Lead