Our new offer to members

Over the past year we have worked with members to look at our membership offer and the benefits of being a part of the NAVCA family.

We want our members to be confident they receive great value and practical, tangible benefits that will make a difference to their organisation, the charities and community groups they support, and their beneficiaries.

And we also want them to be confident that their unique, essential voice is being heard within the sector and with policy makers and stakeholders at national and local level, through their national representative body.

What our members told us

Representation and active involvement in policy discussions and debate at national level are an important part of what NAVCA offers its members. We heard from members across the country that NAVCA does and should play a valuable role as a conduit for communication between them and national bodies.

Our members also told us that they want to be more active in supporting each other and local social action, and we have put a lot of thought into how NAVCA can make this a core principle of membership.

At the same time, members were clear that financial pressures are intense, as are demands on their capacity and their time, and that there are specific transactional benefits that they would value.

A future proof membership offer

We are really excited about the new benefits included in our membership offer. As well as listening to our members, we have looked at the opportunities to make the most of the available technology and best practice in membership organisations generally in order to build a membership offer that is fit for now and fit for the future.

The offer is built around some core areas, including:

· the facilitation of good practice sharing between members and the continued development of a ‘hive mind’ of intelligence and insight;

· a loud and clear representative voice at national level for place-based sector support and development organisations across England; and

· a source of valuable and tailored policy insight.

We have remained firmly focussed on delivering tangible and practical benefits, designed to deliver value and return on the investment made into membership costs.

This includes more opportunities to meet with other members and to contribute to discussions about national policy; a full programme of events, learning and engagement opportunities, online and face to face; and a new user-friendly platform for member CEOs, and others in their teams, to network, debate and access knowledge and resources.

Above all else, we will showcase and tell the great story of local infrastructure, loudly and clearly, to policy makers, funders and commissioning bodies at every level.

A sustainable membership offer

We have refreshed our membership offer to balance real added value with a simplified and transparent pricing structure.

NAVCA is committed to easing resource pressures for our members whenever possible, so we have maintained core membership fees at almost exactly the 2017/18 level and, in some cases, reduced them.

We have also introduced free membership for organisations with the very smallest annual income.

The strength of our membership is in its diversity and reach, and we see the value and benefit that every member brings to NAVCA. We believe our new fee structure ensures that we remain accessible to all local infrastructure organisations.

An extended NAVCA family

We know that there are many organisations that support and have much to contribute to the success of local infrastructure, but that currently have no specific opportunity to be part of the NAVCA family.

We are introducing two additional subscription categories alongside our core membership, those of Supporters and Partners, and will be inviting into those categories organisations that we believe can benefit from, and add value to, the place based social action movement so clearly represented by our core members.

We will soon be publishing full details of our refreshed member offer so please keep an eye out on Twitter and this website. If you would like to discuss NAVCA’s membership offer, please contact me

Anna Pashley, Membership Lead