Ideas and inspiration


Keep a diary

A diary can help you remember the positive things that have happened each day. In the longer term, they are fantastic records of living in "interesting times". Whether you chose to keep a diary that you never want anyone else to see, or put your experiences down on paper or in digital form to share with your children, grandchildren and beyond, this can be a really creative activity. For connections, set up and share an online diary with your family or friends where you can all add entries - or have a regular phone call where you look back over the last few entries and share what you've been doing.

Virtual choir

CLIC Sargent set up a virtual choir of young cancer survivors,  who each recorded themselves singing the same song in different locations – in recording studios, in their own homes and even from hospital beds. They released music videos in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Why not try this with your friends or neighbours? 

Board games by phone

In the days before apps, people played chess and other games by phone - or even by post! Why not try a game of Scrabble or Cluedo with your friends by phone? This probably won't work with Jenga or Twister - but let us know how you get on!

Write a letter

There's something special about receiving a handwritten letter - brighten someone's day with a note in the post. 

Online activities

A massive range of opportunities can be found online - we like #wewilldraw from @WillSliney, an artist based in Cork. Will, who has drawn Spider-Man for Marvel and now works on their Star Wars comics, started the #wewilldraw challenge last week. He has been inundated with pictures of superheroes and cartoon characters ever since. Check out his daily class on YouTube - and maybe display the results in your window to cheer your neighbours?