NAVCA's Annual Conference 2018

6-7 December 2018


We live in an extraordinary age. These are times of stunning technological, economic and societal changes. It is an age of big data, automation and the ability to connect to anyone, anywhere, at any time. One in which technology brings a world of possibility, allowing us to do more, know more and reach further and wider than ever. The very nature of work is changing, with remote working, the gig economy and platform organisations allowing more freedom and flexibility. Social movements can spring from anywhere and spread across continents in a matter of hours or days.

Disruption is everywhere. Day after day community spaces disappear, banks become apps and internet giants replace our local high street. An obsession with scale and reach has resulted in oversized and poorly planned outsourcing. These approaches have brought wealth to some but have proven to be unsustainable. More importantly, they haven’t come close to solving some of our most important social challenges. We have rising inequalities, falling trust and for many a feeling that power is held by the few.

In such a hyper connected world, some would say that people never been more divided and isolated. And so, civil society has never been more important, nor more challenged. The way forward must be community, putting people, place and purpose at the heart of all we do.

At our conference we’ll ask and explore: what is community? How do people and communities reshape our society for all? How do we rebalance the power from the few to the many? What is our role and how do we equip ourselves to play our part?

Join us in our home city of Sheffield for two days of debate, learning and collaboration, all about community. With a fantastic line up of revolutionaries, provocateurs and pirates we promise an event that will leave you buzzing with ideas and inspiration, as well as the tools to put them into practice.  We will explore data and digital, philanthropy, funding and commissioning, diversity, leadership and more. For the place shapers, rule breakers and world changers.

People, place and purpose. With all three we can change the world.

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